Who We are

In our ever-developing world of social media and global networking, where a message or an idea can one reaches a person or millions in an instant; communication is border-less, limitless and liberating. It is hard to imagine our lives without it. But there are those messages that despite the latest apps and media, fail to send or a simply lost in translation.

No amount of media applications can compensate for the basic human need to understand and respect the “other”. Today communication between human beings of different cultures and faiths has often become complicated by hate, prejudice, ignorance and lack of understanding. Stereotypes develop and barriers raised. The good news is that negatives can be turned into positives.

The Salam Project (meaning peace in Arabic) is an attempt to face the many issues that have stopped the flow of communication and understanding between Saudi Arabia and the world beyond. It is an honest and safe forum for open discussion and positive understanding for Saudis and non-Saudis alike, to appreciate what we share in common and talk about some of those more awkward issues, that have been overly complicated by lack of understanding and communication creating unnecessary barriers of misunderstanding from both sides.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Goals

Shed the light on the rich Saudi culture and the Kingdom’s ambitious nation

To promote mutual understanding of various aspects of cultures by utilizing communication channels; to exchange and mediate cultural differences between Saudis and the world

  • To break down the cultural stereotypes that can lead to cultural bias
  • To keep communication simple and express culture through shedding the light on arts, music, sport, etc.
  • To increasing diversity awareness
  • To increase knowledge of all cultures and reach high levels of understanding

Young people can and will change the world if we provide them with the tools and means to promote dialogue, respect identities and cultures

H.E Faisal Bin Muaammar
Salam Director