The UN Youth Forum attracts young people from different backgrounds in an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation. It seeks to develop appreciation for cultural diversity on a wide international scale among young people from all over the world and encourage knowledge and cultural exchange. The forum also offers a variety of programs that provide additional learning and communicating opportunities, as well as other programs, activities and events that enable participants to learn from each other, attain new skills, and collaborate with peers and mentors in an interactive environment.

Young Saudi leaders represented Salam Project for Cultural Communication in the twenty-second session of the United Nations Youth Forum from 10-13 August, 2018 in the United States. Salam youth team, four males and two females, have recently graduated from the Young Leadership Program. The three-month program which included about sixty young participants was designed to prepare young Saudi leaders for international dialogues and promote cross cultural communication skills.

The Young Leaders program (YLP) has contributed to the 5th sustainable development goal (Gender equality):

  • Offering an equal space for 60 young leaders (30 males and 30 females).
  • Establishing more than 7 community-based initiatives that created hundreds of opportunities for both genders locally and globally.

YLP has contributed to the 10th sustainable development goal (Reduced Inequalities):

  • Salam Project ensures that opportunities for all beneficiaries from different regions and backgrounds around the Kingdom are met.
  • All participants had to go through the unified application process.

YLP has contributed to the 16th sustainable development goal (Reduced Inequalities):

Salam has been always working to achieve the goals of peace, justice, and strong institutions.

  • Creating 7 impactful initiatives and sustainable projects that carry its universal moral values.
  • Offered up to 52 interactive seminars for 1300 beneficiaries from 40 institutions and 48 nationalities.

YLP has contributed to the 17thsustainable development goal (Reduced Inequalities):

  • The community-based initiatives which have been conducted and carried out under the umbrella of Salam has helped in making partnerships with the stakeholders both in the private and governmental sectors, as well as in the civil institutions. Salam has partnered with King Abdullah International Center for Interfaith Dialogue in order to promote dialogue and make citizen-friendly actions.